Tips To Choose Best Carpet

Carpet enhances look and style of the home. They provide comfort and warmth to your home. However, with overwhelming fibers and colours available in market to choose from, it is bit complicated to know what to purchase. So,  to pick you out of confusion, here are few tips to choose the best carpet for your home.

Pick best spills and thrills Learn things from your carpet specialist while selecting the best carpet pile and fiber for your home. Consider the purpose of space and foot traffic, and also the point whether your flooring needs to be withstand abrasions, stains and spills.

Here are few points to keep in mind while purchasing the carpet:

  • Nylon level cut-and-loop pile is the best bang for your buck.
  • Wool cut pile twist is best for the luxury factor, as well as offering warmth and resilience.
  • Wool sisal low-level loop is best for durability. When subjected to crushing, it sprang back with no visible imprint.
  • Polypropylene low-level loop is best for disguising stains.

Caring for your carpet

Looking after the carpet you buy is actually very easy if you follow few precautions. It is best to vacuum regularly that is once or twice a week and always attend to spills or stains immediately as they occur. White paper towels are the best f towels to use for absorbing the spills of liquid as they will not allow carpet to get absorbed into the carpet. Keep on cleaning until you can see that it is all  vanished- you may also need a little bit of water to help this. The main thing to remember is not to brush, rub, scrub, or massage your carpet when it is wet as it will damage the carpet and can spread the stain further. Also stay away from drowning the carpet in water as that will have the same damaging result. It is best to prefer professional steam clean at least every 2 years as it helps to pile revival and takes off the in ground dirt that can spoil the base of carpet pile.

Choosing the right colour

Colour is mainly responsible for creating the mood of a room. Flooring is the second largest area after your walls that had been polished with exquisite plastering works. If you are remodeling or building the new, start from the floor up, selecting the best colour of your carpet first. It will give you a base palette to work from in terms of choosing colour for everything else in your home from walls to tiles/hard flooring to furniture. If you are only re-carpeting, you will need your carpet to work back with the wall colour/curtains or some key pieces of furniture in the room. Remember that the more dark the carpet is, the more it will absorb the light and can make the room to appear smaller. This type of colour is also best, if you want to make the large room look cosier. The light colours would reflect the light more and can create a spaciousness sense. Also, just think of your lifestyle while purchasing a carpet colour as light coloured carpet may show kids muddy footprints more and as dark carpet may show dust more easily.